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Bogus movers hired via Craigslist swipe all of West
June 30, 2017 – 07:07 am
Family Robbed After Hiring Movers From Craigslist Video - ABC News

ST. LOUIS COUNTY • A west St. Louis County couple who moved to Charlotte, N.C., in July lost most of their belongings when home movers they hired through Craigslist loaded up a truck with their stuff but never delivered it, authorities say.

Now, a man police say was behind the scheme is charged with stealing the couple’s things, valued at least $30, 000.

Deandre M. Robinson, 33, of the 800 block of Beechwood Drive in Arnold, faces a count of felony theft.

According to police and court records, Kiran Reddy, 37, and his wife, Deepthi Myana, 34, were moving out of their apartment in the 1200 block of Pinecrest Lane near Manchester on July 25 and hired “Robinson Moving LLC” through Craigslist. The couple paid the movers $1, 100 cash up front to move them and agreed to pay $300 more upon delivery of their stuff.

Movers loaded the truck and drove off. Later, one of the movers called Reddy to say they would need to transfer their belongings to another truck but that delivery would still be made on schedule in Charlotte.

After flying to Charlotte, the couple received another call from a mover saying the truck had broken down on the highway near their new home. The truck never showed up, and the Craigslist advertisement to which the couple responded was taken down.

The couple called police, who tracked down Robinson using the telephone number listed in the Craigslist ad, charges say. Reddy identified Robinson in photos provided by police, saying Robinson “seemed to be in charge.”

Police tried to interview Robinson, but he would not answer their questions, court records say. He was arrested and released as police applied for charges, and was not in custody Monday. Bail for Robinson was set at $50, 000, cash only.

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