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Prime mover
December 5, 2016 – 01:41 pm
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For any value of prime mover PLR and heat allocation fraction, the amount of heat available for the absorption chiller (Qgen, abs, ch) as well as excess heat available for heating can then be computed.Figure 4 presents the relationship between prime mover electrical power output and heating capacity, which represents an operating curve.History could be profitably subdivided into eras defined by the prevailing prime movers.Everything in the universe moves in some imitation of the prime mover.If the prime mover view is valid, then measures of prime movers ought to make highly useful leading indicators of economic has announced the addition of Frost & Sullivan's new report "North American Prime Movers Market in the Oil and Gas Industry" to their offering.The prime mover and trailer combinations will provide operational efficiencies and safety benefits to Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure on-site staff, as well as reducing risk to the general public travelling through work sites.Sentencing Fishley, Recorder Michael Stephens told him: "You may not have been the prime mover, but there was some element of pre-planning, and you were a willing participant.It can be used for billing and blending applications and prime mover applications.In such circumstances, it becomes crucial for prime mover companies to continuously measure performance to gain a competitive advantage.Northrop Grumman is the prime mover in bolstering the installation's recent employment numbers, with its work on the center fuselage assembly for the F-35 joint strike fighter driving its employment rolls.The camouflage storage rack (PN 57K1641) is designed specifically for the heavy M1097-series HMMWVs equipped with either the howitzer prime mover (HPM) or towed Vulcan system (KTV) kits.
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