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Taking the heavy lifting out of moving—and support
July 21, 2017 – 07:41 am
College moving, storage & shipping made simple | Dorm Room Movers

Taking the heavy lifting out of moving—and supportIt’s the stuff of startup lore. Fresh out of college, co-founders Leor Lapid and Matthew Grossman set up shop in a garage, determined to figure out how they could offer summer storage and shipping services to college students at Arizona State University and the University of Arizona. It was a need they’d identified firsthand as out-of-state students, wondering where to put their stuff when they went home on summer breaks.

In their first year, Dorm Room Movers moved 216 students. But Lapid and Grossman were doing too many things themselves and quickly realized they needed to partner with professional, licensed, and experienced moving and storage companies in order to scale into a real business.

Nearly a decade later, they’ve built out a vast infrastructure that has supported more than 25, 000 student moves across 165 colleges and universities. To date, their network of partners has moved more than 160, 000 boxes. Meanwhile, Lapid and Grossman have learned a lot about all aspects of running an on-demand business. From the beginning, they knew they wanted technology to be the drumbeat behind their business, differentiating them in an industry that hasn’t changed much over time and they began looking for ways to integrate innovative SaaS tools wherever possible. Two years in, they began using the Zendesk family of products to manage their customer relationships—though not so robustly as they do today.

Full-service support through seasonal spikes
Dorm Room Movers sees most of their business between April and June. “Our biggest challenge has been the seasonality, while continuing to scale, ” Grossman said. “We’ll move 7, 000 students in 40+ states over the summer and then…crickets.”

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