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Dorm Room Movers
March 11, 2017 – 05:48 pm
College Student Storage | SMARTBOX
Austin, TX 78753
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Made the dorm room move really easy. Sent boxes and tape. Came when scheduled. Communicated well.

I must first give a shout out to Tonya Kinney -the supervisor who rescued us when we inadvertently cancelled the truck. They gave me a credit towards future service, and then Tonya restored the confirmation and worked with the local moving company in Eugene Oregon to ensure that everything was picked up. DO NOT HESITATE to use this company!!

My friend was using this service and the packages were sent to my place. All I can say is that the movers are friendly and efficient :)

Do NOT use this company!!! Beware!! When I first began working with Dorm Room Movers, my interaction was pleasant. Brian was pleasant and helpful. I felt like we were in good hands, but not so much. My son had a ticket on a 1:30 pm bus from NY to New Hampshire. The boxes were to be shipped to our home in California. I booked the pick up and was given an 8:00 to 10:00 am window on a Friday and was assured that the boxes would be picked up. I was very clear that I was worried about him missing his bus and again, I was assured that there would be no problem. 2 days before he was to leave for New Hampshire, my son got a text saying that the window was being changed to 12:00-2:00. I immediately texted Brian and said that he needed to be on this bus, he then gave me a 9:00 to 11:00 window and again, I made it VERY clear that he NEEDED to catch the bus. The day my son was to leave, at around 10:45 am the packages had not yet been picked up. I texted Brian in a panic and he contacted the driver. The driver called my son who was very stressed out and worried. My son told him that he needed the boxes picked up by 11:00 because he needed to catch a bus. The man threatened my son that he could make him miss his bus. My son asked the man for his name and he refused to give it to him and then said, "My name is (my son's name) too". My son has a very unusual name and the man was being a smart a**. I contacted Brian and informed him of the situation. I was VERY upset and Brian assured me that the the boxes would be picked up and that he would find out who the employee was and corporate would handle the situation. My son waited for 4 hours for the movers, until 1:00. He missed his bus and left his belongings with his roommate who had been in class until then, the boxes were picked up late that afternoon/evening. My son was lucky to get a seat on a 4:30 bus because one passenger missed that bus. He waited on standby for another 4 hours not knowing if he would get a seat on that bus and I was looking into flights. Brian apologized on behalf of the company and told me that the owner was dealing with a family crisis and would contact me the following Monday. I was never contacted by the owner and when I texted Brian several times he did not respond. I sent an email to customer service with all of the above information and never got a response. As the mother of a college student living across country, I trust companies such as this to act in the best interest of my child. The stress that this situation caused my son and I during an already stressful time, is inexcusable. Not only did the man who called my son threaten that he could make him miss the bus, but he succeeded in doing so. I am worried that this man had access to my son's personal property. They clearly never followed up on who the man was and nothing was done about the situation. I am still shocked by the unprofessional manner in which this situation was dealt with. Brian seemed professional and then completely ignored me, as did customer service and the owner himself. If I could give this company fewer stars I absolutely would.

my two movers were just exceptional, very friendly and very respectful of time and space. they even helped me brainstorm ways to place my furniture. my things also came back the way I packed them. would definitely move with you guys again

From picking up all of our daughter's belongings in May, holding them over the summer until her return to a new apartment in August, and the delivery - perfection! Polite, on time and all of her items retuned in same condition and as scheduled - perfection! Thank you!! Consider us customers for the next three years.

THE WORST MOVERS IN PHILLY - WOULD GIVE ZERO STARS. They not only came two hours late to my move, one man without an ID (you have to sign into my building), but broke the mirror on my dresser after not providing a van large enough. I moved last week and expected an easy move as it was only 4 blocks. They called the day before the move and asked how many things I had. I have them an estimate of 5 large dorm mover boxes, 20 banker boxes and 3 pieces of furniture with dimensions and a 29" tv. My mother and I walked to the new apartment and one mover was supposed to follow as they did not bring a van large enough for all of my things. Instead of making more than 1 trip, they squeezed everything into this van. Well, one man never showed up to my new apartment and was never seen from again. The beveled antiqued mirror drawer on my dresser broke and the mover told me he would get it fixed on Monday and call me back. Well Wednesday, I had to call the company to find out what was going on. It is now Friday, and I just received a phone call saying that they are "still looking into getting the glass fixed". I had a very frustrating experience and I just want my dresser fixed. Extremely unprofessional.

I've been notified the day before my scheduled move out that the boxes they sent will not arrive in time for my scheduled pickup. I now have to spend almost $40 and time out of my day that I could have spent studying for my finals to Uber down to buy my own boxes. The customer service is terrible, would recommend any other available option.

my friend and i both used dorm room movers when we first moved to college because we were out of state, and i have to say they made our moves incredibly easy. the boxes they send you are huge - more than enough space for all of my belongings - and they're very durable. when i arrived at my residence hall, the staff member i spoke to said my boxes had been there for about a week now, which is nice because that guarantees that they'll be wherever i need them to be on time. i have also ordered boxes from them for storage purposes, no moving needed, just boxes. dorm room movers provides wonderful, quality customer service, and my younger sister even remembered their name from when i used them because she's planning to go off to college this fall, too!

Dorm Room Movers could not have made it easier for us. From the pick up to the delivery everything went smoothly. You kept us informed via email and phone. Our Belongings arrived in good condition. I highly recommend your service.

We were delighted with the efficient and punctual service provided by Dorm Room Movers. Everything was handled completely professionally at both pickup and delivery. There were many boxes to be shipped and many more items to be stored. All necessary items were delivered well in advance of move-out day. My daughter was able to concentrate on her studies rather than worry about packing up her dorm room. All shipped items arrived home when expected, and all stored items were later delivered from storage in excellent condition. Finally, the movers were thoroughly professional and very helpful and friendly. We were more than pleased with the service we received.

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