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Horrific video shows tiger crushed under earthmover after deadly mauling
September 27, 2016 – 04:55 pm
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A tiger was pinned down by some heavy duty construction machinery after mauling to death two people in the Bail Dev Forest Range in India.

The Times of India reports that the tiger had been heavily tranquilized after the killings.

It was then trapped with the earth remover and sent to the Nainital Zoo.

The tiger died just a few hours later with a post-mortem saying cause of death was from septicaemia which is an infection of the blood, injuries and asphyxiation.

The National Tiger Conservation Authority is investigating the large cat's death to see if there were any violation during the rescue that lead to the tiger's death.

One wildlife expert said about the possible unnecessary use of the machinery.

"Even if the forest department felt it necessary to use an earthmover to scare the tiger, what was the need to crush the animal under it? It had already been tranquilized."

One of the tiger's victims was a woman who had gone to the forest to collect grass and another was one of the villagers who had gone out to search for the tiger.

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