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This Hybrid-Diesel Earthmover Is the World's Largest Dumptruck
April 1, 2017 – 03:18 pm
Earth mover truck weight | Atamu

The stats aren’t just astonishing, they’re unbelievable. Two 16-cylinder engines producing a total of 23, 000 horsepower, with a payload capacity of nearly 1 million pounds. It comes from Belarus-based specialists at Belaz, and when it lands in 2015, the 75710 earthmover will be the largest — and most efficient — dump truck in the world.

Belaz makes nearly a third of all the quarry earthmovers in operation, churning out 2, 000 vehicles each year. And its latest product will have 25 percent more capacity than its largest 360-ton model, all while consuming less energy thanks to an AC electromechanical transmission and four electric traction motors at each wheel.

Two engines do the heavy lifting, each equipped with 16 cylinders the size of Mike Tyson’s fist and displacing an insane 65 liters. Unladen, one of the engines shuts off to reduce fuel consumption, but when both are engaged, the 75710 can hit a top speed of 40 mph. Fully loaded with 450 tons of dirt and debris, and on a 10 percent grade, the company claims it can maintain a speed of 25 mph without breaking a sweat.

Just as amazingly, the 75710 is both agile and refined — at least for an earthmover coming in at 800, 000 pounds. Because of two turntable axles that can twist the eight, 63-inch wheels independently, it has a turning radius of 65 feet. Not bad for something spanning over 67 feet in overall length. And the cab layout is the same as Belaz’ other offerings, so any driver familiar with a modern dump truck can hop in and get to work, although Belaz has still developed a simulator for training. An onboard tire inflation control system keeps the pressures in check, while video surveillance, heating and air conditioning, and sound insulation to keep noise levels below 80 dB are all standard. And as they should be, considering the 75710 will command a hefty premium over the 350-ton model’s $3 million price tag.

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