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Gentle Movers
June 15, 2017 – 03:24 pm
Gentle Movers - Movers - Industrial St, Bayview-Hunters Point, San
100 Business St
Boston, MA 02136
(617) 333-3400

We used Gentle Movers recently for our move. The sales people were very helpful and friendly. They even called during the move to see how things were going. They quoted us $144 an hour, which was cheaper than other ones we received. The three guys did a great job, and worked quickly. Over all a great move!

This is the rudest company I have ever dealt with. I just called and was literally yelled at and hung up on. Absolutely horrible. Who does that? I mean seriously, I asked one question and got yelled at and hung up on. I didn't even get to find out what I needed. Worst. Super angry right now.

Gentle Movers did a great job of moving my furniture and communicating with me to make sure the move occurred effectively. This moving process was occurring while I was out of town, and that just goes to show how honest, trustworthy, and reliable these movers were. They called me to let me know when they arrived and made sure to listen carefully as to how and what things I wanted. There was also an instance where the movers found that they were unable to move out my full size box spring using the stairs since the staircase at that house was too narrow. They called me to ask how they should move the box spring out and I told them to throw it down from the second floor balcony to the first floor balcony because that's what the movers who moved the box spring into the house had to do. When I arrived to my new apartment, I found my box spring undamaged and great condition even after it was thrown down from the balcony! In addition all of my items had arrived in perfect condition and nothing was lost. I was also pleasantly surprised to see the mattress all wrapped up cellophane and the wooden sticks to be taped together. It was great how they used their resources to make sure nothing became dirty! Overall, these movers were very nice! :)

Ive used these movers three times through the years. I was very happy with the service the first two times. The third was also ok. The movers themselves were fine, but the company dtealing my deposit was not. I would highly recommend against this company.

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