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Golan’s Moving & Storage
February 27, 2017 – 03:53 pm
Chicago Movers Stage Groundbreaking Strike - Working In These Times
3600 Jarvis Ave
Skokie, IL 60076
(855) 446-2030

I have moved dozens of times throughout my career and over my lifetime, and I have never had such professional movers as those that showed up at my home from Golan! They were extremely careful with all of my items, wrapped, protected, and ensured that everything was cared for as though they were loading, and storing their own possessions! Very friendly, and without a doubt, will be recommended to any, and all I know who are considering moving and/or storing. Thank you so much! Scott

You'll see 2 types of reviews here. Local Moves - all generally good. Occasionally late. Generally professional. Gets the job done. Long distance moves - NIGHTMARE. I had used them with a good experience for a local move and everything went smoothly. I am currently using them for a long distance move and it is a NIGHTMARE. My stuff is currently late. Their window included a holiday and they blamed the holiday on the fact that they are late (can you not read a calendar ?). Golan also claims my load was overweight. It was their calculation that came up with the estimate. Also, I was overweight by exactly 10%, which is the MAX their estimate can be off without violating (and voiding) the contract. Renata the long distance moving coordinator is rude. I have yet to get the exact date my stuff will arrive, and we are now outside the window I was originally quoted. Management is GREEDY and doesn't care about their customers and refuse to take my call. Re the actual move out - the guy loading the truck kept asking me if he could have (for himself) some of the possessions staying in my apartment (no, they are staying because I need them or don't trust you to move them). Yeah - we wanted to sell my stuff. The truck they sent was too small so I had to throw out a few things. Oh, they took too long so my condo association fined me. I should have read the long distance reviews and trusted that mine would have been a nightmare. Amended: Golan just asked me to remove the review and said they will address it with Yelp. Um, ok. If they offered to make it right, I would happily amend my review.

Worst service I had, they estimate very less. On the day of pickup they re-estimate high. Later they weight the truck and the weight of the luggage exactly matches the re-estimated size. They promised that their own team with own truck would come and pickup the luggage, but in my case they contracted the pick up to some one else. They promised to weigh the truck before coming to my place, but they never did it. Its all fake.

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