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Professional Gun Safe Movers
November 8, 2016 – 05:39 pm
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Professional Gun Safe MoversKeeping your guns secure is part of being a responsible gun owner. However, moving your gun safe can be quite a hassle. While some gun safes are smaller and easily transported, it is common for some households to have gun safes that rival refrigerators in size and weigh several hundred pounds. Bekins A-1 is an experienced mover who knows how to move everything from fragile vases to hefty gun safes during the course of your residential or commercial move. Have questions about moving your gun safe during your move? Call Bekins A-1 at (877) 594-1187 today!

Gun Safe Moving Guidelines

If you are going to be moving your gun safe during your residential or commercial move, you need to follow proper procedure to prepare it to be relocated. Make sure you have completed the following before your gun safe is moved:

  • Have all gun registrations and licenses together to show your movers.
  • All rifles and pistols need to be unloaded if they are to be moved within the safe.
  • All ammunition needs to be removed before the safe is transported.

Please note that we cannot move ammunition within our moving trucks nor can we move guns that do not have proper registration or licensing. For more information or questions about these procedures, call us at (877) 594-1187.

Advantages of Hiring Professional Gun Safe Movers

While it may be an initial investment, there are distinct benefits in hiring a professional moving company like Bekins A-1. Just a few of these benefits include…

  • Less risk of injuring yourself or your employees
  • Minimized risk of damage to the gun safe or the property
  • Quick, effort-free moving of the largest and heaviest items
  • Allows you time to concentrate on more important matters
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