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How Much To Tip Movers
July 12, 2017 – 10:38 am
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UPDATE: The following post has been updated with more information here:

If your movers just finished unloading your entire life into your new home without leaving so much as a fingerprint on that antique armoire, then yes, I’d say they deserve to be tipped. But how much? Our experience dealing with thousands of moving laborers across the USA lines up with what we found on the handy tipping infographic at the bottom of this post.

So… How Much Do You Tip Movers?

Tipping $10 – $20 is a pretty solid industry-standard but not necessarily a hard & fast rule.

Every move is different (did you know you had this many moving options?) and movers perform at various levels of speed and safety. If the moving labor you hired to unload your Budget rental truck finished 20 minutes faster than you expected and your goal was speed, each mover might deserve $30-$40. On the other hand, if the move went longer than planned but your very favorite yin-yang coffee table made it to your new living room without a scratch, handing a $20 bill to each mover would be a great token of your appreciation. Keep in mind that these guys are usually putting in 10-12 hour days to hopefully get paid for only 5-8 hours actually moving, making maybe half what you paid the moving company per hour.

On the other hand, you don’t have to tip at all. Movers are not like waiters, expecting a tip after every move. If the move help you hire doesn’t leave you totally impressed by their service, DON’T feel obligated to give them a tip. By not tipping, you’ll actually help that crew to improve their service for future customers. Tipping movers that don’t deserve it only encourages bad moving companies to perpetuate the low-quality stigma the moving industry has earned over the last 30 years. We at HireAHelper.com are fighting tooth & nail to change the industry but need your help. Don’t tip under-performing movers.

A final tip on tipping your movers (see what I did there?)

Wait to tip your movers until they give you the final bill. You don’t want to hand $60 to 3 guys that barely deserve it only to then hear that your final total is $100 more than originally estimated. Unfortunately, last minute fees and surprise charges run rampant in the moving industry. Booking moving labor help through HireAHelper.com saves consumers from last minute fees (all pricing is set before the customer books), but if you didn’t happen to book your move help through us just make sure all charges are final before tipping. It might sway how good you feel about the service they provided.

Source: blog.hireahelper.com
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