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10 Do's and Don'ts Before Your Moving In-Home Estimate
June 6, 2017 – 07:18 am
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_P3A0059.CR2.pBefore you have the moving companies come out to give you a moving in-home estimate, be sure to review our 10 do’s and don’ts to make sure you are prepared.

1. Do start early!

It’s never too early to contact a mover. As soon as you decide to move, start making phone calls. Even if you are unsure of exactly where or when you are moving, you can still get estimates from your local moving companies. Select a few movers you are interested working with, and set up an in-home survey. You can always fill in details later. With Corrigan, there is no penalty for changing or cancelling your dates should you change your mind. Many people are nervous that they might “jinx” their house sale, but we promise to only bring good vibes! You can set an appointment up to 6 months before your move. Also, the earlier you book, the more savings you are likely to see!

2. Don’t buy packing material!

Some companies (including us) offer free or discounted packing material and boxes to our booked customers. Nothing makes us more disappointed than a customer who just spent hundreds of dollars on boxes that they could have gotten from us at discounted prices, or even better, for free!

3. Do decide what you are taking!

Before the estimate you should have a fairly solid idea of what items you are taking. If you are still deciding on a few items, it’s always best to include them on the initial estimate. Remember, estimates and inventories can ALWAYS be revised if you change your mind.

4. Do your research!

Make sure the movers you are inviting out are reputable companies. Refer to websites like movingscam.com and the BBB, and look for the ProMover certification from the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA). Read reviews from actual customers. Every company representative will tell you how wonderful they are, but do your own research.

Source: corriganmoving.com
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