How much to tip movers nyc

How much to tip movers? 18 comments fvtabqxeexc Splot over 7 years ago Posts: 35 Member since: Apr 2009 Move is costing $2,000 and is a 2-day job
May 1, 2017 – 10:57 am
Inside Advice: How Much Should You Tip Your Movers?

I am a mover in NYC. Most of this advice is pretty accurate. What the mover told apt 23 - 5-10 dollars per hour per man - is definitely the most accurate. While you may be paying $120-180 an hour for the job, most movers in NYC are paid $12 an hour or less, some as low as $8, so tips are clearly meant to be part of the pay package. Good movers are professionals who will be able to advise you on almost every aspect of your move. $20 is the absolute minimum.

Another thing to think about is that, if the job is short, the rate of gratuity should go up - 3 hours is less than a half day and if you are only picking up $15 bucks, you're going to go broke. I'd recommend: small move (0-4 hours) - $20-30, medium move (4-7 hours) - $30-50, large move (8-12 hours) - $50-75, and very large move - $80 . Tip higher for professionalism and especially if a mover goes above and beyond - takes some time off the clock, helps you argue down the building mgmt., hoists furniture through the window, etc.

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