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February 6, 2017 – 04:26 pm
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10 Mill Valley Rd
Hadley, MA 01035
(413) 584-4746

This was my fourth move with Ideal, and it was just as good as the previous ones. They packed me up from a large house and delivered to two apartments and storage, and it all went smoothly. Efficient use of resources (particularly mine) was much appreciated. I liked having the same supervisor for move-out and move-in and both crews went out of their way to be accommodating and to assist with tasks not even on their assignments. My storage is with Ideal and on my first visit, a staff person came to help me reorganize my unit. It is this attention to making me feel like a person, not an account, that allows me rely on them again and again.

I've used Ideal Movers three times, and each time they have been cordial, efficientodi

Ideal movers were responsive and professional from the start. Gabe came to our house to do an in-person estimate and sent the estimate to me soon after. He was available by email and phone when I had additional questions. We were moving from a home we lived in for 14 years and had a lot of stuff. On the day of the move, 2 movers showed up right on time, they were very skilled and worked very hard. They filled up the truck but there was still quite a bit left over that didn't fit. They left to go to their facility where our stuff was to be stored overnight and delivered to the new house the next day. I called Gabe and told him of situation. He called the owner and called me back, he said since he underestimated on the amount of things we had, they would send another truck early the next morning and get the rest of our things from the house and bring to the new house for no charge. They did that indeed, Gabe himself was at our old house bright and early, quickly packed the truck and arrived at the new house promptly. The movers worked very hard again unpacking two trucks (and an additional mover came to assist for awhile to speed up the process) and moving us into our new house. They were again, professional, skilled and friendly. The cost is slightly higher than some companies, but it was totally worth it. We really appreciated the great job they did!

When the actual physical moving of your stuff portion of selling and buying a house is the easiest of the whole process, you know you've found the perfect Pioneer Valley moving company. I have used Ideal Movers twice for all of the larger items in my home and had better-than-expected experiences both times. Both of my moves were one town over in the Valley and each time the movers were incredibly fast, careful, and extremely polite. I was in the middle of yet another house buying/selling/closing ordeal WHILE they were moving me to my new home and they kindly found places to put things while I was busy on the phone with my agent. They even took apart and then put back together my bedframe when I found that I'd accidentally packed any and all things screwdriver related. It was a relief! I would recommend them to anyone for moves in the Pioneer Valley.

I had ideal move my belongings out of my apartment after I became ill suddenly, so I was not there to supervise their work. I requested several items be sent to me that are unsafe to store in the hot, humid MA climate over the summer, such as lipstick. My boxes arrived battered and with only a semblance of effort at securing the items inside - a few pieces of paper here and there. Several glass items were smashed, making unpacking dangerous. The items I requested were not there, but some truly baffling ones were (half a box of pizza Pringles, uncapped - wtf?) Ideal was rude and full of excuses when I requested either a refund or a discount on services, which amounted to over $600. There are other movers in the area that do a better job and change less. Avoid Ideal like the plague.

So, we used Ideal again for a local move. They gave us an estimate of what it would cost, which seemed a little high, but we figured it wouldn't get there and since we had used their service before and liked it, we went forward anyway. Our quote was for two guys plus the moving truck. Two guys showed up, and about 30+ minutes in another guy, supposedly a manager, just showed up to help without asking us (even though we weren't moving any more than we had shown them in the original walk-through). This third guy was there maybe 45 minutes and left. When they finished and handed us the bill, we were charged for 1.5 hours of the managers time (who we never authorized to show up in the first place). We were also double charged for travel time on top of the hourly rate (in addition to mileage). Add to all of this that only one of the two guys really hustled the whole time and the other guy was also kinda clueless about how to move furniture properly. Needless to say we were pretty pissed. Unfortunately, I think they're the best option in the area. Just keep in mind that for Ideal 2+2=6 when it comes to billing.

These guys moved us from Deerfield to Pocasset. It was a two-step process. They came on day one and loaded their truck. On day two they drove the truck to the Cape. We were shocked when they arrived on Cape at about 8:00 a.m. We thought they would leave Hadley at 8:00 a.m. Their three guys worked very hard to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. It was a very hot day but the heat didn't slow them down. The bill matched their quote to the penny, though it took them a bit longer than they had estimated. Moved a house we had lived in for 20 years, so there was a lot to move! Wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

Called two months in advance to reserve a 5x5 storage unit to store my belongings in over the summer. The employee I spoke to said he put my information down and will call soon so I can sign the lease. Never received a call, and had to call them myself only to find out my storage reservation was canceled and I have nowhere to store my things, 3 days before I have to leave! They also offered me no consolation. Very disappointed.

I've used Ideal since 2011 to store what didn't fit in my apartment and snow tires. Aside from the tires, I had everything in storage containers but I still requested everything be kept on pallets in case water got inside my unit. That was never an issue. Every fall and spring they took the tires and bolts to my service center and returned them to the unit for me for 50 bucks both ways. I've asked them to help me pack Fed Ex packages and other miscellaneous services. It's been a great relief to have found such a nice, honest bunch of people.

Had 1 bedroom apartment to move. Treated me as if I had a four bedroom home. They were punctual, professional and honest. Would highly recommend their services.

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