Mahwah movers

Mahwah Movers
June 24, 2017 – 08:30 am
Mahwah Movers
80 Voorhis Ln
Hackensack, NJ 07601
(800) 635-4293

We are so pleased that we chose Mahwah movers . Mike and Hector worked nonstop without a break to expertly wrap and move our furniture and personal goods. It was done in record time and nothing was damaged. They arrived as promised and exceeded all our expectations. Unpacking went quickly too. Great guys with many years of moving experience behind them. Everything was secured and strapped down perfectly. We have moved many times and this was by far the least stressful move we have ever done. Kudos to back office staff Mike and Irene for fair pricing and scheduling during an extremely busy time.

We hired Mahwah Movers to safely move some of our belongings from one location to another. No...wait... according to our contract, they were supposed to move ALL of our belongings and furniture from one location to another. They failed at this... miserably! Don't hire them as your movers, I assure you that there will be at least one facet of the process that will leave you regretful of choosing Mahwah Movers. Our experience entailed lost furniture and belongings, damaged items, improperly assembled items, unsanitary messes left behind, unprofessionalism, disregard for customers and their contracts, and ignored phone calls and emails to rectify any of these issues. I gave this company the benefit of the doubt when I signed with their representative, Mike, and that was one of the worst business & personal moves I've made. Your move is both business and personal, so do yourself the favor and reserve your choice of movers for a much more deserving company. You WILL regret hiring Mahwah Movers in one way or another, there are so many better choices out there.

I had high hopes when working with Mike and his team but was let down. We moved from our rental until in June 2016 and stored our items in Mahwah Mover's facility. Other than the crew being 3-4 hours late, all went smoothly. Fast forward to November when we moved into our new home. It was Thanksgiving Eve and immediately, without having to unpack boxes, we knew items were missing/lost/broken/stolen as they did not make it from the storage facility to our new home. Items include a Dyson vacuum, slats for a Room & Board bed as well as legs for a Tempurpedic bed frame. It wasn't until Monday or Tuesday (11/28) that I was able to make contact with Mike Mefford. He offered to give me $250 for a $500 vacuum cleaner (which I absolutely declined) and had his crew find a '1990' bed frame for which was not even close to what my Tempurpedic adjustable bases needed. I have receipts for every single item that was broken or not recovered so I knew I wasn't going to simply settle for a below market dollar figure. We moved in on November 23rd and still have absolutely no resolution to the aforementioned items. I was forced to submit a claim to their insurance company (I'm still waiting for a decision on my claim) as Mike was extremely unresponsive nor could we agree on his negotiated price for what he felt my items were "worth". I was absolutely not going to negotiate with a company who was/is 100% at fault for losing my belongings - that's just not right and poor business. Poorly run business and absolutely unprofessional. This was a crappy way to embark upon being new homeowners.

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