Me mover

What on earth is a me-mover?!
March 8, 2017 – 08:41 am
Me-Mover FIT – Outdoor Training Stepper Machine by Me-Mover

beCopenhagen me-mover toursThe me-mover is a unique step bike on three wheels. It is invented and under ongoing development in Copenhagen.

First in the world! we offer you this very special and dynamic driving pleasure on a sightseeing tour or for a team or class activity.

What a great and novel way to see Copenhagen. After a few minutes practicing on the me-movers we were on our way round Copenhagen, stopping at several points of interest.
The me-movers were great fun, much preferred for us than a hop on/off bus tour.
Thanks again for showing us round such a beautiful city.

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But… can we ride it?

The short answer is ‘Yes, you can do it!‘ Unless you have special disabilities or a mental barrier, it’s our claim that anyone can ride the me-mover.

It’s a new sensation for most people, so it will most likely present you with a little challenge the very first time you step up. Initially it feels weird, and that’s part of the fun!

Riding a me-mover is not really comparable to anything else, something in between cycling, skiing and walking. Kids and young people tend to pick it up right away, as do anyone with some experience on ski and skateboards or with some similar balance skills.

After a brief instruction you’ll try it out.

“I’ll never learn it!”

… is (to be honest) the immediate reaction from some.

BUT: despite this first reaction, the big majority of those is doing great within 5 minutes. A few need another 5 minutes, but we’ll make sure everyone is comfortable before starting.

As we go you’ll quickly feel more confident and suddenly you’ll find it completely natural and notice that you stopped thinking about what you are doing.

The me-mover is great fun, it’s a cool and dynamic way to move, and it’s very socializing, as you and your friends/family/colleagues share a special experience and laughs.

For those who try and give up for one reason or the other, we’ll find a bike, so no one is left behind.

Footwear on a me-mover

You can wear any comfortable dress, that you would also use for a bike tour. However for a me-mover tour you should consider your footwear, because your feet will fit under an open pedal strap.

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