Mighty mini Air mover

Shop-Vac® Mighty Mini Air Mover
July 15, 2017 – 09:28 am
Air Mover. Betco Fiberpro Air Mover E8550700. . Xpower 12in 3speed
Shop-Vac has developed an affordable air mover for the every day user. This fan has a commercial quality to it that will guarantee it has a long life. With the different angling aspects to it, as well as the ability to plug multiple units into each other make this a great option for drying large areas. The Mighty Mini air mover comes with 2 electrical outlets wired into it, so you can plug multiple units together to efficiently dry carpets, walls, and ceilings all at the same time.

For a more industrial sized unit, please take a look at our carpet blower fan, which can be found in our complete line of air moving carpet dryers.

The Mighty Mini air mover is one of our favorite units because it is so compact. When purchased in bulk, they can rival the output of some of our large blowers. As individual units, they are great for small jobs around the house or on the jobsite. Let them run all day, or only when you need them. Either way, they'll help you get the job done in a timely manner!


  • Daisy chain up to 9 units together and still be able to safely run off of a 15 amp circuit.
  • Each unit has a 10' power cord, giving you a 90 foot coverage area if you plug 9 units into each other.
  • 500 CFM is a very powerful unit packed into a very compact and lightweight body.
  • Multiple drying angles allow you to blow air across the floor, walls, and ceiling all at the same time with different units.
Source: www.airmovers.com
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