Yelp in Your Words: Square Cow Movers
February 15, 2017 – 10:04 am
File:Gzunda Bed Mover GZ10.JPG - Wikimedia Commons
I’m reluctant to talk about how Yelp has impacted my business. Why, you ask? Mostly because it will probably sound like one of those gimmicky, late-night paid advertising shows. Think “Sham Wow!” Any time someone offers amazing results at a low cost with little to no effort the first reaction is naturally filled with skepticism. However, I can’t give an accurate account of my Yelp affection without sounding a bit overzealous.

We started advertising with Yelp about two years ago. At the time, my moving company had three trucks and eight employees. I’m not even sure why I decided to advertise. We get sales calls from various advertisers daily. I wish I could say that I had some kind of entrepreneurial intuition that told me this would be the tipping point. But I didn’t. In truth, I really liked the sales person. She was nice, informative and genuinely believed in what she was selling.

Fast forward two years. We’ve just purchased our eighth truck and desperately need two more before Spring. We currently have close to 30 employees. Next month we open our second branch. Is it all because of Yelp? Of course not. However, I’m convinced that if business owners combine hard work, integrity, and customer service with Yelp, they can expect exponential results. Never have we experienced a more explosive tool.

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