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May 7, 2017 – 04:09 pm
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39 S La Salle St
Chicago, IL 60614
(800) 626-4474

I was recommended by a girl in my new apartment's management office and then checked them out on Yelp before making the call. These guys were the best! They packed up my 1 bedroom apartment, transported it and moved everything into the new apartment in 2ish hours. They were extremely fast, super friendly, and very respectful of my stuff, moving everything carefully. I would recommend these guys to anyone and would use them over and over again! Awesome company!

The men who moved us were very nice, but the overall experience was pretty bad. First of all, when I asked for a quote they just said "140$ per hour, then prorated by 15 minutes" which doesn't really tell me what I should expect to pay them. Then, the plastic wrapped the living crap out of Everything I owned. Everything. This racked up extra costs. Lastly, they overcharged me by 1/2 hour. Due to a mistake in adding. It took almost 2 weeks for them to respond to me after messaging on Yelp, finally they gave my $ back. The men also took an hour for lunch, which im was 100% ok with me - they were working extremely hard - but they CHARGED ME for that hour. Not using them again.

I've used USA Moving & Storage for two moves and loved them - they were fast and nothing was broken. I recommended them to anyone who was moving. NEVER AGAIN. My husband and I moved last week. We used USA Moving & Storage when we moved in - it took them about 2 - 2.5 hours to move us. We have a couple more pieces of furniture and we are a little further away (by like a mile or two) and it took them 7.75 hours to move us out and into our new place. SEVEN AND THREE QUARTERS HOURS. We are LIVID. There is NO way this move should have taken them this long. We had everything packed in boxes. Yet, somehow they used and charged us for 20 rolls of tape. TWENTY ROLLS OF TAPE. There was tape on everything. Instead of leaving the sofa pillows on the sofa, like has been done every other time I've moved, they put them in a box, at our expense of course. We left dvds in our entertainment center and some paper work and miscellaneous stuff in a credenza - which they for some reason needed to unpack and put in boxes, at our expense. They took apart every single piece of furniture. Two twin bed frames from IKEA that I can carry myself were taken apart and secured with tape that we had to pay for. It took them FOREVER to get our furniture apart. My husband left the same time as the movers did to go to the new place. He was driving slowly because he had fragile stuff in the car. He still arrived at the new place 20 - 30 minutes before the movers did. It should have taken them 15 minutes to get to the new place - it took them 45! Where the heck were they? Why was I charged for that time? Then it came time for them to put the furniture back together. It was like watching paint dry. We have a kitchen breakfast bar with a butcher block table - instead of putting the top (which of course was removed) upside down on the floor to attach the bottom part so it would be easy to line up the screw holes, they were trying to attach the top with it resting on the bottom part - it took the guy like 45 minutes to attach the top when it should have taken him 5. In fact, it took him longer than it took for us to build the entire thing. Oh, and the total cost of supplies? $199. ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY NINE DOLLARS. Twenty rolls of tape - WTF? There must be like 5 feet of tape on every roll. STAY AWAY. DO NOT USE THIS PLACE. THEY TAKE AS LONG AS POSSIBLE TO DRIVE UP THE PRICE.

I was contacted with a quote today and was told that it would be 210 dollars just for the truck and crew to appear at my house. That blows my mind. With 0 work being done i would be paying THAT MUCH! I totally understand the 140pr hr however, there is an additional charge for gas and for the truck to return to its original destination. I mean really? If that's what you're interested in than go for it. Id much rather rent a uhaul and pay someone to move my items for the same results plus insurance. Thanks for your honesty though.

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