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Goodbye to Toontown-A farewell fanfic, a toontown fanfic
May 7, 2017 – 10:58 am
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Toon Valley was silent.

Everywhere, people stood, Toons with gag backpacks and satchels, and Cogs with briefcases, chatting happily, signing autographs, laughing over old battles or even going on the trolley for the first and last time.

Near the Toontown Headquarter (which sold airship tickets), satchel on shoulder and gag backpack on back, was a blue dog, with a lump on his head, a large muzzle, a red striped T-Shirt, and dark khaki shorts. His name was Professor Felix Macmarble, a History Professor and a reservist for the Cog Fighters-Toontown's Military and Police Force, who's reservists had fought Cogs on the streets and the insides of their Headquarters, while the recruits had taken over Cog Buildings and fought Cog Bosses.

He thought about all the fun times he had.

The Cogs were mean, but followed a strict combat rule and turned friendly when the game was over and the players had gone home or gone to bed.

Macmarble smiled as some of his students, comrades and officers he knew said goodbye.

"Thanks for the lessons, Professor!"

"Thanks for helping me get my degree, sir!"

"You were one good Lance Corporal, son!"

" Thank you for helping us fight those Movers and Shakers!"

"Thanks for helping me when I was trapped by a Loan Shark on my way to the lecture about Cog War One!"

When they had taken their cars and gone home, Macmarble looked in his backpack and took out his service weapons.

There was his newly acquired and faithful Fruit Pie, that had whacked countless Cogs in invasions and the Sellbot HQ. There was the Seltzer Bottle and Squirt Pistol, reliable weapons that had soaked many Cogs. And his new Car Horn, which he would have gone around to fighting with if the closure hadn't happened.

Disney was forced to close the town, due to money issues. Toons were stunned. Most packed up and fought the Cog Bosses, took over Cog buildings, raced, threw parties, played golf, or bought items from Clarabelle, who was raking in money from all the new members. Some had taken part or thrown riots or violent protests but Macmarble knew that it was futile. Disney would not change their mind. He enjoyed his last, fun filled, happy days instead. A petition would probably persuade them, so he signed one.

The Cogs were also confused, but a sudden shock came-the CEO had die of a heart attack, and the CFO had passed away in his sleep. Now, a big amount of Cogs were unemployed. So the Cogs had no choice but to make a permanent truce. Soon, the CJ had broken open the sealed area in Chip and Dale's Acorn Acres, and revealed Cog Nation to the Toons. It was a huge, New York-esque, 1930s city with huge factories, tall skyscrapers and airports where the Cogs lived and manufactured cogs, behind the Lawbot and Cashbot HQs. And after a decade, the Cogs had deactivated the Chairman, and out came an old and weak Scrooge Mcduck, exhausted by his time as the Chairman. He had been reunited with Donald and Daisy, with much celebration.

Macmarble had some good times in his years of service as a Cog Fighter. He had battled Level 8 Cogs during the mass invasion on Saturday, destroying 3 Robber Barons, 2 Mr. Hollywoods and 1 Bigwig, before being knocked out by a Bigwig. He had simultaneously fought off, with the help of his sister and two other reservists, seven Movers and Shakers.

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