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March 5, 2017 – 05:22 pm
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movers with two men and a truck boca ratonWhether you are moving an apartment, condominium, single family home or commercial office space, Boca Raton customers insist on only the best which is why their first call is to TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® of Boca Raton.

THE GRANDMA RULE® is a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® core value states which means we treat everyone the way we would want our grandma to be treated. We strive to uphold this as our golden standard here in Boca Raton. This begins with the professionalism in which CSRs interact with customers during the estimates and carries on throughout the entirety of the moving experience. Managers stay in constant contact with both the customer and the crew to provide transparency throughout the process to allow customers to understand everything that is happening during the move.

Professionally trained to make your move stress-free

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® movers go through a rigorous training regimen before they are permitted to go on a job. They must complete a minimum of 6 hours of online training exercises and hours of hands-on training. This training is completed in order to ensure the utmost care and professionalism in every household or business that we move. On site, the movers are trained to begin by consulting the customer on a proper place to park. Measures are taken to secure the truck, such as wheel chocks being placed under the tires and orange safety cones being used to provide full visibility of the truck.

Once the actual moving begins, every piece of furniture is individually wrapped with pads and shrink wrap to prevent damages. These supplies come at no extra cost, and this practice is company policy. While unloading at the destination, the movers rearrange furniture to the customers’ satisfaction. Furthermore, should the customer need rearranging to facilitate renovations, the crew will happily comply.

All staff are thoroughly vetted prior to being hired. To ensure the highest level of trust between us and our customers TWO MEN AND A TRUCK of Boca Raton maintains a strict drug-free workplace. Background checks and in-house drug screenings are issued to each and every candidate in addition to on-going random testing. The goal of all TWO MEN AND A TRUCK employees is to exceed our customers' expectations on their move and with the professionalism of our staff.

two men and a truck mover securing a protective pad on a door jambCondos, high rises, and everything in between

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Boca Raton boasts a wide variety of housing options such as condos, high rises, and apartments. However, the predominant residences chosen by the people of our fair city are high-end houses. As the houses are plentiful here, and rather high-end, our crews have adapted to be experts in this particular type of move. The movers understand that floors are easily scratched, so we provide both neoprene and glassine floor coverings for protection. Boca Raton movers are also very adept at manuevering large, unique furniture pieces as this is a common occurrence. They also take extra care moving through doorways and up and down stairways. The trucks are equipped with door jamb protectors and extra pads are used to cover bannisters. Furthermore, our franchise is certified to work with homeowners’ association rules and guidelines. Combine this with the best practices learned from nationwide franchises, and it is a match made in moving heaven.

Going the long-distance

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Boca Raton also provides expedited long-distance services. Where we separate ourselves from the other moving companies, however, is the quality of our services. As with everything, our goal on long-distance moves is to guarantee our customers’ satisfaction. The truck and crew used for a long-distance move is dedicated solely to that job until completion. This means the customer dictates the schedule and does not have additional wait time due to company logistics. This also means the same crew that began the job will finish the job.

Long-distance moves can be very stressful. To provide a level of comfort, movers at our franchise are trained to properly secure items placed in the truck to drastically reduce the risk of damages occurring while in-transit. In addition to the experience and training of the movers on long-distance services, the trucks themselves can serve as a way to reduce the stress level. Each truck at our franchise is outfitted with GPS tracking units in order to provide accurate location information on the trucks at a moment’s notice. The customer will always know where their truck is located and when it will be arriving at the destination.

We can do the packing for you

Along with the countless other services provided by our Boca Raton location, we also provide packing services. Our movers are professionally trained to pack quickly and efficiently. We use the best practices that have been perfected over these years by our national franchises to ensure the quality of packing, especially of fragile items, is above and beyond customer expectations. In addition, our movers will only pack items and rooms dictated by the customer. If the customer would only like the kitchen packed, our movers will happily complete this service. The packing services of our Boca Raton franchise are designed to save time, and ultimately stress, during the moving process.

For your home and business moving needs, give us a call today for your free quote. We'll be more than happy to discuss the details, earn your business, and show you why we're known as the "Movers Who Care®"!

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