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Peachtree Movers
January 19, 2017 – 10:32 am
Peachtree Movers - 15 Photos & 28 Reviews - Movers - 5570 Tulane
5570 Tulane Dr SW
Atlanta, GA 30336
(404) 355-8877

If I could give Peachtree Movers SIX stars, I would. My recent move was one of the easiest moves ever. A big part of the credit goes to ME for choosing Peachtree Movers. Jim and his team go the extra mile for their clients- they are professional, polite and practical. The guy who gave me my quote was no nonsense, he was forthright and honest in his assessment, then managed to exceed expectations. When he learned that I had no other transport to make a local move, he and his team did an extra load before the big moving day, to make my move less stressful. His team is beyond the pale in courtesy, are cheerful and hard working. I can't thank them enough for all that they did in such a short amount of time (sorry for being so last minute!). If you want a professional experienced and courteous movers in the Atlanta area, this is the business you call.

WOW BEST experience ever. Great family owned business. amazing customer service... best in town... so knowledgeable through estimating process and walk through of my house. I knew my belongings would be in the best hands... and they were... Julie and her team were beyond amazing.. thank you for making my move less stressful.

I was moving to a new home and had Peactree pick up my things and put them in storage as we worked on our new home. I open the storage unit to find me things including ANTIQUE pieces toss, thrown, and a $2000.00 stain glass window not wrapped and destroyed. Spoke with both Jim and His sister. He was clueless and she was disrespectful and nasty.

I contracted for 6 guys and two trucks. On my moving day FOUR guys show up with JUST ONE TRUCK. I spent over 13 HOURS moving that day because we had to make two trips to get all my stuff. The guys called Jim to report the mistake and he told them to "do their best". At least he responded to them. He never returned any of my calls. Their administrative mistake made a tough day much harder and much, much longer. From my experience it seems that Peachtree Movers are not concerned about their customers or their employees. I am awarding two stars only because the guys on the moving crew were fantastic and worked hard. The movers were great, the company itself is horrible.

My good friend moved in December. They lost 7 boxes of clothes and 10 other boxes, and have refused to pay him a penny. They have been stalling. DO NOT USE THEM!

Guy named Brian answers the phone, would not forward my call to a Manager and hangs up on me. Similar experience during my second call. Very poor customers service. I would not recommend.

One simple word. DON'T. Unless you want to actually catch one of their employees rifling through your valuables with the intention of stealing the cash (which was in his hand). If there was a way to award them negative 5 stars, I'd do it.'nuff said.

I went with Peachtree Movers because a few co-workers had used them. I didn't really think I needed the 3hr min but went with it, thinking better safe than sorry. They were expected to arrive at 9 on a Sunday morning, instead they arrived closer to 9:50. Giving them credit I was called at 9:10 and advised that they would be late. They arrive, two guys one old and the other not, and they started with a bang and then they slowed to a fizzle. Seriously I'm standing there going how do you load half the apartment in 20mins and spend the next 90 mins loading the rest? We finally finish around two hours in and drive two miles to the next place. There one guy brought everything in while the other older guy organized blankets.yes blankets. He came in the house only when they brought in the couch and mattress. Otherwise he didn't appear. My partner went downstairs and told him that we weren't going over the three hours and to stop folding blankets. We ended up going over 10mins. What does this tell you? It tells you that this one guy unloaded the entire apartment in less than an hour. Which means they could have loaded in an hour. I doubt I will use them or recommend them in the future just because I felt like I was being used. Again I knew I had contracted for three hours but I felt as if they really wasted 40 to 50 mins of my dollars.

I had a seamless move with Peachtree, they were quick, efficient and very helpful from start to finish!

These guys were great. Smooth move. They stuck to the task & got the job done right. Didn't break a thing. Did what I needed done. Call them.

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