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Square Cow Movers Austin, TX 78726
December 14, 2016 – 01:47 pm
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Square Cow Movers were refered to me by a friend. I am so glad they were, because they were GREAT. No hidden fees - Per Hour is what it says. The movers that helped me were very professional and helpful. I was stressed about the move and they were very patient and helpful with everystep of the process.

For starters my close did not happen when planned and had to call and cancel. Thought out of all the people I had to call and change things with that they would be the most upset. Nope! They were understanding and told me to call when I had another date and all was okay.

They let you use wardrobe boxes - very handy and at no cost!

They started on time - kept a continuous flow of putting things on the truck. (nothing broke at all)

We even swung by a friends that had my frig in her garage (on the way to new place) and picked up frig, again no extra cost.

Put everything in the appropriate rooms, hooked up frig, washer and dryer.

Made sure they did not track up the floor.

I was so very stressed through the whole thing (because I never had to take care of the whole move before) and they were so very patient with my frayed nerves. Never once grumbled about a thing.

I would recommend these movers to EVERBODY! They are great at what they do and don't over charge.

I was so impressed that they were doing such a fantastic job I picked up lunch on the way to new place for them and gave them tips after I wrote my check for the service.

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